About Us

New Kid on the block



Founded in 2019, Double Doors is the new kid on the block of charities. We are still in the process of obtaining a 501 C3 status. 

Please note that presently any donations that you make on our website are NOT tax deductible. 

We may be young, yet we have the wisdom of experience, years of working in West Africa, experiencing peace and civil war. 

We come from the age when children were taught to open doors for others, hats were tipped, kind words exchanged and generosity sprung from the midst of sharing even when that meant doing without. We didn't have much, but what we had we shared.

Double Doors was founded by Doug Gilbert and is seeking advisory board members and volunteers. Please use the contact page to reach out to us.

Be blessed!

How we select the non-profit organizations that we chose to help

Track Record

We select non-profits that have a multi-year history of helping in the areas of human trafficking and homelessness


We support non-profits that have open books that show good stewardship of previously donated funds.

Focus on the client

We support non-profits that focus on the people they help rather than the other way around